Tips for Selling

Coming to the decision to sell your home can be stressful enough.

So why put yourself on the back foot by not preparing your property for sale in the best way possible? Once you have made that decision, you need to make every post a winner by preparing well and presenting your property in "showroom" condition. Get this and the price right and you are on the front foot to get the best possible result.


Do you remember the last time you walked through a new home display and noticed how clean and uncluttered it was? How the placement of furniture was just right to present the property in the best light? Do you remember how it felt? How everything you turned or switched on worked? Even how fresh and clean it smelt? And how the landscaping was so well done? Well that's what you need to achieve. Start at the verge and walk to your front door and through the home as your buyers will and ask yourself if you are distracted from the property by other "stuff" getting in the way.

You need to de-clutter so the buyer will see your property, not your possessions.


You should fix things that are broken like leaking taps, cracked windows, dodgy door handles and give some thought to painting that brightly coloured wall a neutral colour. You may love it, however you need to appeal to the majority. These things left undone detract from your home.


This is an area that is often neglected but with a few hours or even a day or so spent in the grounds improving, mowing, planting, fertilising, weeding, painting and generally tidying up and presenting will pay off.

There is no limit to the things you can do so you should consider if more major renovation or refurbishment is required or if you simply need a good dose of cosmetic attention.

Either way to not pay attention to the final presentation will detract from your the appeal of your home in the eyes of the buyers who will "devalue" your property in their minds in comparison to the competition.

So get these things right. Present it right. Price it right.

Then you are on the right track to create wide appeal and put your property on track to achieve a Premium Price!

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